Florence and Siena and Prato OH MY!

I have finished my first week in Italy and I have absolutely loved it.
The week started off a bit challenging. I got a bad cold and the airline did not bring my luggage until 4 days after my arrival. However, now that I have my luggage and I am recovering from my cold, everything is starting to look brighter.
I am sharing an apartment with 6 other girls and luckily most of us have the same classes. This is a huge advantage because we are able to walk to class together and study together as well.
So far in my trip I have been able to explore Siena, Prato and Pistoia, as well as Florence, where I am living.
I was lucky enough to visit Siena the day before there famous horse races. In this race, the 12 regions of siena have a horse competing. The streets were covered in decorative flags and passionate fans. It was beautiful to see the beginning of the historic race.
Today, I was able to visit Pistoia and Prato. Prato is well known for their textile industry. I was able to visit the textile museum which was inside an old factory and learn about the process of making textiles and the different kinds that exist. A remarkable fact about Pratos textiles is that they make regenerative wool by recycling old clothes. This process is eco-friendly because it cuts down on clothing waste and dye pollution. Pistoia was a quick stop in which we toured the city and saw the historic architecture. A very common theme is Italian architecture that I have noticed is that it is heavily influenced by Catholicism and they’re design has many Arabic influences.
I have enjoyed Italy so far and I am excited for what else I will see and learn. The pictures I have attached are from Prato and Pistoia!

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