First Week of Italian Adventures


It’s hard to believe that one week has already passed in this beautiful city of Florence, Italy. I was completely in awe of the amazing architecture, rich history, and the different culture in this country. There is so much to see and experience, and I want to do so much.

This week was filled with so many different experiences, and I can honestly say, I have never walked this much in my entire life! I have also never enjoyed so much pasta and sweet delicacies and gelatin. During our field learning experiences, I got to visit Sienna, Prato, and Pistoia. Each region was filled with its own unique characteristics and history, and yet each one had domes, cathedrals, ans bell towers that looked similar to the others. We learned of the rivalries between different areas, and visited a couple of different museums- there is so much one can learn! I also took many pictures to try to capture Italy’s beauty, although I do not think they suffice. I am excited to gain many more experiences and knowledge in the upcoming weeks.


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