Street Graffiti and Snail Meaty

Today we visited two more agencies. One advertising agency, BETC, and one public relations firm, Elan Edelman.

BETC was AMAZING. A little background on them, they are the largest agency in France. They are the 2nd most awarded agency in the world, as they are part of HAVAS Worldwide. Some of their clients include AirFrance, Evian, Lacoste, Canal+, and McDonald’s. What’s really cool about them in my opinion though is that they call themselves a “women’s forum.” Women represent 63% of the agency, which like YAS. The advertising industry as a whole needs more women, so I’m so glad that this agency can lead as a positive role for other agencies to follow. Also, their office space was next level. If you follow me on Insta or Snapchat you definitely saw it, because I took all the pictures and videos. Basically, their office used to be an abandoned warehouse, so street artists took to it like a blank canvas. When transitioning it to an office they kept the warehouse vibes, and even left some of the graffiti.

That’s one thing I love about Paris in general, all the graffiti. I heard before this trip that Paris is very dirty, and trust me, it’s not the cleanest place I’ve been to, but it’s just like New York City. It’s a major city with lots of people in it, so of course it’s going to be a little dirty. It looks dirtier with the graffiti, but I like the street art. It’s unique and beautiful in its own way. Another thing is that it’s an older city, so the white buildings aren’t white anymore, but the beautiful architecture makes up for that.

Elan Edelman had a classy office. With social media landscape in the business space today, PR firms and advertising agencies do a lot of similar tasks. A lot of advertising agencies even have their own PR departments. We met with a women that was originally from Florida. She went to UF and did a study abroad program in France during her undergrad, and decided she couldn’t leave. Honestly the most interesting part of the presentation for me was hearing about her transition from the United States to France.

Both agencies were amazing and very welcoming. But if anyone from BETC is reading this, please hire me.

After both of our tours, I might have had the best meal of my life. We went to this restaurant called L’Escargot Montorgueil. The best was packed. It was in a nice area over by The Louvre. We went to the restaurant, because people rated it as one of the best places to get escargot in Paris. I was not leaving Paris without trying escargot, and since I was in Paris, it was either go big or go home. We were living lavish. We got the private lounge on the top floor because we had a larger group, no reservation, and it was the only room left. It was amazing. We ordered a dozen truffle butter escargot for the table to share, because none of us were sure if we would like it. We all loved it, but two snails for each of us was enough and then we all got out own entrees.

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