Couple days and Im IN LOVE with LONDON

Hello, my name is Maria Camila Castro. Im a Cell and Molecular / pre-med track student at USF. As you could read in the tittle Im currently in London taking Bio 2 and Intro to Humanities, and let me tell you words are not enough to describe the gratitude Im already feeling with my family, USF and the Global Citizens Project.

In the mornings while Im walking to my class I just cant stop telling to my self ” hey, you’re walking in LONDON !!! “. Even though its been only couple days, its already a dream ! There are so many things to do and learn everywhere you go in this city. Every street you walk in you’ll find the typical pub, people dancing, playing instruments, markets or a beautiful monument. As for the classes they have been amazing too! Professors and TAs have been incredible as well; they want you to experience London as much as you can so classes are full of field trips.

What have I done so far? Well, I went with my class to the City of London and learned a lot of its history and architecture, a dinner cruise down the river Thames, visit platform 9 3/4 (SO EXCITING !!!), British library, walked down Oxford Street, hear the Big Ben chimes, British museum and tomorrow we’ll have our London pass activated so the adventure continues. Ill show you some pictures 🙂

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