Let The Agency Tours Begin

So today marks the first day of the next chapter of my study abroad program. For the next two weeks my class and I will be going to see some of the world’s leading global advertising agencies, as well as a few smaller shops that stand apart by specializing in a certain department. I’ll share my opinion on the agencies and hopefully some cool things I learned from each one in theses next couple posts.

Today we visited TBWA first. TBWA is the 6th largest agency in the world today, and the 3rd largest global agency in France. They specialize in both traditional and digital capabilities. TBWA has actually just rebranded themselves as “The Disruption Company.” They won a lion at Cannes for the re-branding they did on themselves, which I think is funny, because I nerd out about advertising. Some of their clients include McDonald’s, Apple, Gatorade, Nissan, Airbnb, Adidas, and Intel.

Agencies like TBWA and a lot of the other agencies Are able to call themselves “global agencies,” because they have offices all over the world. They rely on different offices to work together when they want to run a global campaign. TBWA gave the example of their client McDonald’s, a global campaign for McDonald’s isn’t going to run the same across the globe, because one of their big markets, China, doesn’t eat beef, yet America loves it. The offices work together and continue communication with the agency’s global team.

Today David Ogilvy is considered as the father of advertising. He founded his agency Ogilvy & Mather in 1953. He is one of the world’s most famous copywriters, and he was inducted into the US Advertising Hall of Fame in 1977. We went to the Ogilvy Paris office later in the afternoon and met with a few Creative Directors, some women on there PR team, as well as one of their Strategic Planners. David Ogilvy’s values are still very much held up throughout their offices. It seemed like everyone who worked there looked up to him. Ogilvy is the most international agency in the world. They have 450 offices, they are in over 160 countries, and have more than 25,000 employees. Talk about reach.

Overall, I was in awe at both agencies. They’ve both done amazing work, have beautiful office spaces, and seem to have really amazing people working there.

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