ISM India June 2017


Sunday June 4:

The ride to Mysore was long and uncomfortable.
Getting settled in was also a bit lengthy; first, we passed through security, had a brief welcome speech, then got our room keys and unpacked into our rooms.
We went on a long campus tour before going to a lunch buffet at the floating restaurant. 300 rupees
To beat the jet lag, Andrew and I went to do his laundry and explore a bit before calling it a night at 8.

Monday June 5:

Breakfast at 8 at the floating restaurant; the omelette was pretty good.
Class at 9:15.
Learned about the history of Infosys and the facilities at the Mysore campus.
Took a break around 11 for Indian coffee; very similar to cuban coffee.
An intro to software design; we received a textbook and a general overview of the course.
We went to the floating restaurant again for lunch; mild versions of indian cuisine.
Started going over the material for the first day, made it about halfway through before we had another discussion about our travel itinerary.
Before travel itinerary, took a break for Indian tea.
Skipped dinner, still full from lunch; took a little break until 730 before heading out with Raghu, Andrew, and Hunter to hit up an atm, explore the rec center, and get some kulfi ice cream from polar bear at GEC2.
Headed back and called it at night at 9.

Tuesday June 6:

Breakfast at the floating restaurant again.
Went to class.
First break after some lecture and an assignment; watched a little clip on AI: under the hood.
Tried indian hot sweet buttermilk with almond powder.
About 90 minutes of more lecture and coursework.
Lunch break; szechuan chicken fried rice at fusion bistro in Magna food court: minimal amount of shredded chicken, really let down; even the chicken lollipops and kebab have bone in and the amount is not much.
Class for another 2 hours.
For this break we had “boost”, a malt flavored warm milk.
More class, had a little speech from HR.
Secured a badmitton racket, waiting in queue to play badmitton on the 3rd floor of the rec center.
Played for an hour, have to register for 30 min blocks on the court.
Pigged out on 7 scoops of ice cream with toppings (spanish delight) for 205 rupees.
Gym membership is $4.
Badmitton racket was 390 rupees.
Birdies were 5 for 140 rupees.
Watched Nerve and went to bed after showering.

Wednesday June 7:

Breakfast at floating restaurant, doesn’t change much. 165 rupees.
Class 915 to 1115, covered more system requirements definitions and concepts.
Coffee break, had a white chocolate flavored hot milk (horlicks)
Wrapped up the half day of class by 12pm.
Had lunch, chili chicken with chili chicken fried rice at fusion bistro for 130 rupees.
Went back to the room, took a nap, met at the reception desk by 130 to leave.
Went to a little shoe/clothes store by infosys.
Met Ashok, our guide, and now on the road to the palace.
Palace was gorgeous, took some nice pictures.
Next stop was the hills, drove to the top to the temple.
Bought an offering of flowers for Shiva’s wife, the destroyer who killed the demon Mysuru which the city is named after.
Saw monkeys.
Walked down to the bull.
Headed over to the store, bought an emerald for my necklace later.
Went to St. Philomena’s church and took more pictures.
Went out to eat at a hotel, wasn’t impressed with the food; mutton chops at 450rupees.

Thursday June 8:

Breakfast at floating restaurant.
Tea break (chai tea)
Mexican lunch special at floating restaurant.
Finally worked out at the gym.
Showered, watched Passengers.

Friday June 9:

Breakfast at floating restaurant.
Skipped tea break; waited for Mexican Lunch special at floating restaurant.
Finished up lecture, coffee break.
Began working on project.
Impromptu unscheduled downtown Mysuru excursion; visited veggie market, tons of street stands.
Went to a quaint authentic restaurant, chicken kebab was nice and spicy. 165 rupees.
Headed back and made it home by 10 for early start tomorrow.

Saturday June 10:

Professor Agrawal bought some cookies for us to eat this morning; Good Day butter cookies.
Bus left by 6am, started on our journey to Kabini.
Made a breakfast stop around 7am at Cafe Covfefe Day.
Had a toffee surprise sundae, 168 rupees.
Back on the road, headed for planned sidestop at Tibetan Buddhist temple.
Arrived around 830am.
Stayed for a thorough 2 hour tour, enjoyed some lemon soda for 15 rupees, bought some souvenirs at the store near the entrance for a total of 160 rupees.
Left around 11:15am.
Another 2 hour ride to kabini.
Checked in, had lunch.
Chilled in the kabin, climbed some ropes.
Safari at 330pm; saw tiger, wild dogs, deer, mongoose, king fisher bird, serpent eagle, sambals, and peacocks; the other group saw a leopard and black panther.
Had a snack around 6:30pm.
Dinner at 8:30pm.
Played cards with Macy, Andrew, and Jessie.

Sunday June 11:

Morning safari at 6:30am.
Saw elephants, squirrels, deer, sambals, mongoose, peacocks, serpent eagles.
Had breakfast, chilled a bit in the kabin.
Boat joyride at 10:30am on the Kabini river.
Check out at 11:15am and back on the road to Infosys.

Monday June 12:

Design thinking workshop
Awesome hands on activity; if I tell you more it’ll give it away and give you an unfair advantage with time to plan ahead 🙂
Class, notes.
Worked on our project some more.

Tuesday June 13:

Agile workshop pt 1
Had another cool hands on activity 🙂
Had some delicious sweet lime soda from the food court by the gazebo, 16 rupees (Don’t get the lime masala soda or Spyci)

Wednesday June 14:

Agile workshop pt 2
Another awesome hands on activity 🙂
Worked on the project some more
Our scrum master planner Andrew organized an awesome trip out to Momo House; 3 of us squeezed into a rickshaw for 80 rupees to get there. I had crispy honey chicken 140 rupees and chicken momos 110rupees (double sized pot stickers; 8 per order)
One of the best meals I’ve had so far, you must demand Manju join you for dinner there!

Thursday June 15:

Project finalization and presentation
Lunch break at arena food court; plain grilled cheese and sugar cane juice total was 55 rupees (the mango smoothie is super good too at only 30 rupees)
Came back to do a few more slides and a crossword puzzle.
Closed the course with a review with the VP.
Walked around giving USF gifts to everyone who made the trip possible.
Played badmitton with Raghu, made some friends.

Friday June 16:

Up at 4:30am to head to Bangalore to see the Infosys campus there and meet with some executives.

Jain-Training Session:

Executive coach
Non – technical: behavior,  business, communications
Assessment determines competency,  which determines performance rating, raises, and promotions
Malcolm Gladwell – Blink  (10000 hours; deliberate practice)
Requires a coach/ review to point out mistakes to correct
How to get better at a senior executive position? – managing a board; requires tact
Leaders with some ego and a little overconfidence is healthy,  but requires balance else leads to blindspots leads to fall
New generations value learning and coaching more
Marshall Goldsman best exec coach south cal
Performances = motivation * skill
Add environment to developing competency
Define your happiness as a goal, then make a plan to make it happen; decompose into smaller,  measurable,  realistic goals
Intra company social networking
Kurt Patrick levels

After working with Professor Agrawal, the future attendees of this program will be concluding their study abroad on this day by proceeding to the airport after the day in Bangalore, thereby significantly reducing costs of the program to attract many more students. He did say that there will be a travel package that you can purchase through USF for potentially $600ish that would allow you to sight-see in Agra and Delhi like we did this trip, but USF’s liability will end with the day in Bangalore. It may be a little more out of pocket, but for seeing the Taj Mahal and government sites in Delhi, it’s absolutely worth it and I encourage everyone in the future to spend the extra few days in India. I wasn’t as adventurous, but Andrew and Hunter were both staying in hostels after we left for about $6/night; if I had known that sooner I would’ve rescheduled my flight accordingly.

I hope you found this informative, thank you for taking the time to read my post!

If you’d like to reach out, I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have:


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