Week 1 London! Fun Fun Fun!

After being here for only 3 days, I find myself so amazed by London and everything it has to offer. On our first day of class, we went on the “Medical Bloomsbury” tour and saw so many great sights and many places I hope to explore more while I’m here in London. We were able to see many of the first hospitals and some hospitals that are still here in London such as London Homeopathic Hospital and the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. Places such as the Foundling Museum (which we will be touring later in London) have such extensive history, it’s so amazing that they are still around for us to learn more on the history of these places. Learning of the history of these places also reminds me of how far we have come in public health and medicine and how much we have learned about how diseases spread and how to control them. One of my favorite parts of my first excursion was the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, particularly because of my strong interest in Maternal Child Health. This hospital is a top hospital for children with strong research and innovation! On the tour, we learned this is known as a specialty hospital and family doctors are known as “GP’s” or general practitioners so all of these doctors focus on a certain specialty pertaining to children’s health. While touring around this hospital, it made me realize how excited I am for my future, seeing all of the children coming in and out of the hospital made me feel proud of my concentration in MCH. I felt very determined and I was able to see with my own eyes all of the lives I could positively impact with my future career. The Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children provides the top care and research for children in the UK and worldwide. Being one of the top children’s hospitals, they specialize in care and research with some of the most complex and rare diseases in children, some of these diseases most of us know nothing about! On the tour, I also believe our tour guide said that Johnny Depp’s daughter was treated at this hospital which I thought was an interesting thing to hear, especially because not many people know. This excursion most closely related to the UN Sustainable Development Goal for Good Health and Well-being which I believe was greatly emphasized this entire tour! Overall, the first day of class was a beautiful day out and we learned so much about London and so many of the hospitals in the area! #usfgcp #rockyisaglobalcitizen

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