An ocean away from home



My name is Laura Garcia-Torres, however I go by Cathy! I am a 20-year-old Mexican girl with a passion to succeed. I absolutely love to study chemistry and love the idea of Disney trips. I love anything from The Beatles to Harry Potter. I am currently a Biomedical Science major with a soon to be declared minor in Physics. I will be attending the USF Science in Florence program. I am grateful to say I received the Global Citizens Project Scholarship. The idea of Italy is a dream come true, not only will this culture fuel curiosity, but the courses I will be attending will serve a enormous benefit to my future career. I hope to grow from this program and meet with people who share my passions and many locals who can explain the way Italians live everyday. I hope to immerse in a culture and appreciate the differences, instead of dismissing them.


For now this is goodbye,

Cathy Garcia

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