Week 1: I’m In Paris And It’s Great! I Love It Here!

Hey, it’s Jake again, and I am writing this post from Paris! I have been here for 7 days and there isn’t a moment that I’ve been disappointed, so let me tell you about my week.

I started on May 31st at 7:30 AM. I woke up and was driven to the airport my by stepdad. We said our goodbyes and I waited in the airport for a few hours for my flight. The flight was pretty quick because it was a connecting flight, and I took my next flight out from New York to Paris. I got some good sleep, and a lot of time to work on my artwork. I even enjoyed the in flight meal!

I arrived in Paris and made my way through the city to Cite Universitaire, the place that I am living for the rest of the month. My roommate and I got to know each other a little better, and that night, we went out as a class to a local grocery store to shop for food. Everything was in french (of course) and I bought everything based on look and smell.

The next day we met as a class at 10 am, where we had orientation and got to know each other a little better. I made friends with some people who seemed nice (who really are amazing now that I know them better) and we went as a class on an excursion to an area called Montmartre, a place in the city that has street artists and is very hilly. At the top of the hill, and a high point of the city, is Sacre Cour, a large church. It has an amazing view, and another girl and I made plans to visit this spot early in the morning as the sun is rising.

On Saturday, I got very lost. We were supposed to meet for our class early in the morning, and I took the wrong bus to get there. However, it all worked out, because we were supposed to go on a derive, or drift, towards a spot in the city. After missing out first class, I took a derive to the Philharmonic of Paris, an interactive musical museum with live performers and a few thousand instruments to peruse. I made it back to our class at the end of the day and told everyone about my trip and they laughed and enjoyed the experience.

On the next day, we had a group picnic in the afternoon, and I got to try many different types of french food. Everything that I ate was very good, so I left feeling full and satisfied.

The rest of my week included excursions to different museums in the city, and an exploration of the local Paris galleries. I was pretty amazed with the art that I saw, and I got a lot of good pictures.

Just today, we took a boat ride on the Seine, a river that runs through Paris. The lady on the boat gave us a great history of the city as we floated by.

Overall, I have been enjoying this trip tremendously. It has been living up to my expectations and then more. I am excited for what is to come, and I will keep you posted on my travels and adventures.


One thought on “Week 1: I’m In Paris And It’s Great! I Love It Here!

  1. Hi Jake,

    Your experiences so far sound really amazing! I can understand the feeling of being lost, I got lost on my trip to the Republic of Panama and missed part of my class but it worked out as well! I hope you enjoy the rest of your travels!


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