Overall take on Cannes Lions Creative Festival

To date, this goes up on my list of best events to have attended. I’ve met and listened to the worlds most innovative and creative people give advice and insight on how to establish, maintain, and promote success in any industry or  healthy lifestyle.

Learning how to develop relevant content was the most important thing that I pulled from the event. With so many different forms of social media and platforms, content is the deciding factor to making brands either forgettable or memorable. Keeping the content authentic and organic is what was emphasized for creating quality content.

Another thing I picked up from the festival that stuck out to me was that successful individuals, corporations, or brands have drive, ambition, vision and perseverance when dealing with their goals. It is key to maintain these skills no matter how talented one is. Because somewhere along the way, adversity and hardships will occur. The ones who will be successful in the end will be able to not give up and find a way to maintain a strong mindset and overcome the failures.

There were a few talks that I enjoyed the most:
A$AP Rocky, Russell Simmons, Demi Lovato, Dame Helen Mirren, Sir Ian McKellen, and many more.

I was extremely impressed with Facebook and Youtube for being some of the bigger brands hosting socials for everyone to network and experience an appeasing environment. I met with other students and young lions who share some of my ambitions and was able to soak in tips and advice for success from them

This festival was a great experience. I would like to see myself back here in the near future. Not as a student, but as a fellow lion participant!

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