Before Studying Abroad in Seoul

Hello everyone! My name is Namratha Ravindra, I’m 18, and I major in biomedical sciences at USF. I will be studying abroad in Seoul thanks to the opportunity given by the GCP Scholarship, through the Ewha Summer College program. I’m really excited to be studying abroad in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. I was drawn into this study abroad program because I really love the beautiful scenery South Korea has to offer, and Seoul has the perfect combination of our modern age while also preserving mother nature. Moreover, the university I’m studying at, Ewha Women’s University, exemplifies this beautifully with its modernized architecture, surrounded by Korea’s signature all-natural landscapes and scenery.

I hope to become a clinical pharmacist in the future, so one of the classes I will be taking here is Understanding Organic Chemistry. In the fall I will be taking Organic Chemistry, so I hope this class will help me comprehend organic chemistry for the fall. I am also pursuing a business certificate, and so I will also be taking Financial Accounting in order to complete the certificate.

One of the things I am most excited about is to visit a mountain near Seoul as well as see the beaches of Busan, a famous city on the opposite side of South Korea. One mountain I really want to see is Eunbongsan mountain, specifically for its popular summer beauty. Also, Busan’s beaches are known to be the best beaches in all of Korea, and as a beach-lover and a Floridian, I’m very excited and curious as to what they look like.


One thought on “Before Studying Abroad in Seoul

  1. Hi Namratha,

    I am so excited to see that you are traveling to South Korea as I will be going next summer. The city and culture in Seoul is absolutely beautiful! Enjoy your travels, look forward to your posts!


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