I am ready for Florence, Italy!

My name is Maria Juliana Pena and this will be my blog to document my summer trip. I have anticipated this summer for months now because I was accepted into the USF Science in Florence Program. The purpose of this trip is to immerse myself in the Italian culture and learn science in a new environment that is full of history, medical advancements and tools to gain a new perspective in my education. During this trip I will be taking a course in Biochemistry, as well as a Capstone Honors course called Comparative Health Care systems which will have components of Physician Observation and writing a chapter for a health care book.
A little bit about me, I am entering my third year at USF and I have been completing a double major in Cell and Molecular Biology and Psychology. My future academic goal is to be accepted into Medical School. I was born in Colombia and have lived in the US since I was 10 years old in the Florida Keys. My parents both work at the local hospital so I grew up in the health care environment which was influenced my desire to go into health care as a career.
I have chosen the Science in Florence trip because it is a program that works well with my educational goals and will provide useful information in the field that I am studying. Additionally, I have never been to Europe and have always wanted to come to visit so this trip was a dream come true.
Since my trip begins June 25th, late into the summer, I decided to take the opportunity to visit some family that I have in Spain. Right now, I am in Valencia, enjoying the new environment and learning a lot about this beautiful city. The pictures I have attached are from this historic city.
So far, my trip was been amazing, and I can’t wait for what is to come!

One thought on “I am ready for Florence, Italy!

  1. Hi Maria,

    I am so happy to see fellow Cell and Molecular Biology majors abroad. With our seemingly heavy course load, its great that USF offers specific classes that we can take! Florence is a beautiful city! Can’t wait to hear how it turns out! Good luck on your travels!


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