A Classroom Away from Home

Ciao !

My name is Laura Cortes and I am an incoming junior at USF studying Integrative Animal Biology with a concentration in human anatomy. This summer I will be studying abroad in the magnificent Florence, Italy. I received the Global Citizens Project study abroad scholarship to help fund this amazing journey and I could not be any more grateful! In Italy, I will be studying biochemistry as well as shadowing physicians around Florence to gain experience and knowledge on the Italian healthcare system, which is the fourth best health care system in the world! I could not be more excited or thrilled to be able to experience a new culture as well as a new atmosphere. Italy is not only well known for its amazing food but also breathtaking scenery and phenomenal people. Aside from the incredible experience of being able to study abroad and experience a new culture, I am the most excited to be observing physicians in this new country. As a pre-med student it is truly a privilege to be going to such a beautiful city and also advance myself professionally as well as academically. I am truly living a dream as I prepare to depart to Florence, and I can not wait to take you guys on this beautiful journey with me!

See you in Florence ! XOXO


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