Hitting All of the Notes

I believe great music is music that consists of a great deal of variety, taking all of the basic elements of music and blending them in unexpected ways to create beauty out of sound. One of the reasons I love the song, “Bohemian Raphsody,” by Queen, is because I can feel it taking the listener through a dynamic whirlwind of musical rhythms, notes, and lyrics, bringing your heart to a resounding pound for some parts, and slowly and calmly revealing a story line in others. The same principle of variety applies to the experiences in life. A balanced life needs to consist of both wild and calm moments in order to fully appreciate both. Out of my excitement for being in the infamous city of Paris, I’ve tried in my time here to make music that consisted only of large, ground-shaking, window-smashing notes. I have wanted every hour to be filled with something worth telling a story about. If I’m not in dance class, I’m out looking for a museum to visit, a new landmark to see, a new mall to walk through, a new garden to take pictures in, new show to see, anything that I can’t do in the United States. But how can you fully appreciate the grandiose, magnificent moments of an experience if that’s all that there is? Amongst all of the dancing in and outside the program and all of the sightseeing, I’ve learned to find solace in the quieter times of my time here. I’ve reimagined what a fulfilling life in Paris looks like, occasionally trading big, exciting adventures for smaller, less popular activities. Simply people-watching at a cafe for hours can be just as as satisfying and thrillling as riding a the rollercoasters at Disney Paris (which I did!). Simply laying across my bed reading a book while the breeze blows through the window doesn’t have to have any less value than reading the descriptions for a piece of art in a museum as other tourists flow through the hallways. It may have taken me the majority of my time here to learn this, but lessons are always better learned late than never. When it comes to life abroad, or even life at home, more isn’t always more and less isn’t always less. A full life engages in and appreciates every moment, front the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Á bientot



I took a picture of a girl taking a picture. A soft moment on my solo walk to class.
My first Disney trip was in Paris!
We had the great honor of taking a dance workshop with the Artistic a Director of Hofesh Schector and one of the company members. An amazing opportunity I won’t soon forget.

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