STUDY ABROAD IN 3..2..1!!!!

Hello All,

My name is Rumour Piepenbrink, I am a senior at USF, and my major is Health Sciences with concentrations in Biological Health Sciences and Social/Behavioral Health Sciences with a minor in Public Health. I am studying abroad in London through the University of South Florida and I received the Global Citizens Project Study Award $2,500 scholarship for my summer 2017 study abroad program. In London, I am taking two courses; Introduction to Epidemiology and Public Health in London. In my future, I plan to get my Masters of Public Health with a concentration in Maternal Child Health so this study abroad opportunity will greatly influence my future as a public health professional. In my future, I also plan to work globally with other countries so I believe this study abroad will have a great impact on global perspectives and help me to better understand what it’s like working with those of other cultures. This will be a very eye-opening opportunity and will allow me to experience hands on learning that will directly influence my future career. An important aspect in general and in my future career is being able to work respectfully and appropriately with those who have different opinions and cultures. I believe this study abroad experience will allow me to experience and learn about healthcare through a different perspective and I am very excited to learn about public health in a new place. I am most excited to experience new cultures and explore new places during my summer abroad in London. This study abroad experience is a great opportunity and I am very thankful to get this opportunity. I am excited to be able to learn new things in a new place and make lifelong friends and make memories that will last a lifetime. #usfgcp #rockyisaglobalcitizen

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