Almost Time to Go!


My name is Shruti Agarwal, my major is Biomedical Sciences at USF, and I am going to be a sophomore in the upcoming school year. I will be participating in the USF Science in Florence program and am one of the recipients of the Global Citizen’s Project Study Abroad Scholarship for 2017. I am leaving this Saturday, June 24th and can’t wait to land in Florence.

My future plan is to become a doctor, but for now, it is to get ready for an adventure. l really like traveling and will definitely be attempting to explore every corner of Italy in the short six weeks that I have there. One of the reasons I am excited for this trip is because I have never been to Europe before so it will definitely be a new and different experience that I get to share with my friends. My biggest worries are my classes that I will be taking as there is so much content to cover and not much time. However, I know that I will be able to learn and do well with the help of my professors and friends. A goal I have for this trip is to learn and experience as much of Italy as possible and gain a new insight as to the different places around the globe.

I am very happy to be able to go on this trip and participate in the USF Science in Florence program. Only two days away! 😀

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