Met an chat with A$AP Rocky and Russell Simmons Today!


Definitely a great day to be studying abroad. Got to meet with two legends today who are respected in the music industry, entertainment and fashion industry!

I ended up missing a panel @ 10:00 a.m. that I was excited about and accidentally ended up in Russell Simmons panel instead (completely okay with that). He gave a great interview on how digital media has changed the way entertainers can obtain success in the blink of an eye or be forgotten in the same second they become viral. Simmons believes that investing in digital media is the way to go and that the industry needs creatives to surge through and progress this platform into even further success in the future.

After his panel ended I was able to walk with him out to the exit and ask for a picture. He was very cool about it and I am grateful he allowed me the opportunity.

A$AP Rocky’s panel. I had this event on my radar from the beginning and was determined to get a good seat for this. That’s truly all I wanted at first. However, after getting a picture with one icon, I told myself that I can do it again. After listening to A$AP shed light on his success in being an entrepreneur, I was able to participate in the question & answer. I gave him a shoutout and to my surprised he shouted me out as well and acknowledged a connection of being African-American trying to break into an industry that still lacks enough minority representation. He called me his friend and allowed for me to get on stage and catch a few pics with him and we even spoke for about 5 minutes regarding our personal lives.

Both of these icons are down to earth people and I hope to meet them in the future again, once I’ve acclaimed some recognition myself.


Stay tuned for more post coming about my overall experience in Cannes, France!

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