Getting Ready to Go

Hello! Ciao!  I am Augie Wilkens, a Biomedical Science major at USF and a recipient of a Global Citizens Project study abroad scholarship. This Saturday I leave for Florence, Italy to participate in the USF Science in Florence program. Although I have traveled outside the United States several times, to Italy once before, to Germany and Switzerland, of course to Canada and Mexico, and most recently to Ireland, this is my first time going by myself.

My anticipation for my study abroad has me nervous and excited for my new experience.  My excitement for my study abroad opportunity is the opportunity to learn and experience another country along with advancing my academic career.  My anxiety is in response to the traveling to my destination.  Because of my experiences before with traveling, I know it is stressful, and I am nervous in having to deal with it alone for the first time.  My biggest anticipation for my study abroad is being able to progress in my major through taking chemistry classes while living in another country for six weeks as well as having my education relate and interconnect with the local culture of the foreign country.  My preparations for the study abroad included updating my passport, getting clothes for my trip, packing other necessities like my passport, other important documents, laptop, phone, and wallet, arranging with my bank to honor foreign transactions on my debit and credit card, and setting up a travel pass plan for my cell phone.  Learning about how to prepare for travel outside the country is part of a lifetime learning goal.

I look forward to making new friends, seeing some cool things, experiencing a new culture, furthering my education for my career, and making meaningful memories and connections. Hopefully, I don’t let my anxieties water down my excitements and instead enjoy my experiences and embrace my excitements for the study abroad.


One thought on “Getting Ready to Go

  1. “The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only page one.”
    Saint Augustine
    “Have a great trip and you must try Italian Beef Braciole .”


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