The Beginning of a New Adventure

Hiya! My name is Anastasia Fritz-Muller I am a junior majoring in Integrative Animal Biology. The program I will attending this summer of 2017 is the USF in London program. I received the Global Citizens Award scholarship to help me attend this program.

In the near future I plan on attending Veterinarian graduate school after I graduate with a Bachelors in Science. Once licensed I plan on doing my internship/ apprenticeship with an ER specialist and work with ER medicine. After, a couple of years in ER Vet Medicine I would then like to open up my own practice and work with small domestic animals. My lifelong goal is to safe as many animals as I can.

I am super excited and a bit anxious all in one. I’m most excited about the new thrilling adventures and all the new friends I am going to go on and make. I have never been out of the country, so immersing myself in a totally new culture and city is extremely exciting. I am anxious due to this being my first time being so far away from home. Not only worried about being homesick, I am also nervous about being across the globe in a city that has been on the news a lot for several different terrorist attacks within about a month span. I know the USF Education abroad team as well as the faculty going, has all the security measures planned out to secure all of the students safety. Through all of the nonsense going on in the world, I won’t let my fear and anxiety ruin a trip of a lifetime.

While abroad, I hope to accomplish many things. To start with, I would like to broaden my horizon and become more open minded on different perspectives. One of my classes that I am going to be taking is Media, Power, and Sexuality. I hope to gain and become more enlightened on how media plays a role in portraying power and sexuality coming from a London perspective. Another thing I hope to accomplish while abroad is to make a couple close friends so we can make lifelong memories to look back on. I also would like to explore and see as much of London as I possibly can. Traveling around the globe has always been on my bucket list so I hope to check off as many attractions as possible in my month span of being abroad. Take off in T-4 days!!!!

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