Is that Monroe? What I’ve Noticed so far

Captured at the Hotel Esterel in my classmates room.

Cannes is beauty. I can see the history in the buildings and sidewalks that stretch throughout Cannes. Oh and yes, that is Marilyn Monroe

I get the feeling of being in New York, euro style.  Everything is within walking distance; the beach, retail stores and restaurants. I even noticed a small market that people set up every morning and stay open until the afternoon selling many clothing items and even toiletries for a decent price. Some of my classmates are having trouble getting their luggage from the company the flew with and this market has saved them from having to spend even more money at the retail stores here in Cannes.

There is mixture between past and modern architecture and culture in Cannes that I think gives the city its own unique style.

The Cannes Lions Festival has started to kick off and I am definitely interested in this years selection of speakers and presenters. I will really start to dive into the festivities starting tomorrow morning .Stay tuned for more post about the festival.


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