A week’s Golden Closure

This is (sadly) my last week in Italy, but I wanted to have an epic week and trip closure so I went to Barcelona for the weekend! It was awesome! Barcelona is beautiful in its own way, and as in contrast to Italy, it has more of a progressive/new age style to it. I visited La Pedrera, La Sagrada Familia and finished Gaudì with the house of Batllò. I have never seen such architecture as the one of Gaudì. I have been really impressed with Italy’s architecture and the Renaissance and Gothic structures its architecture possess but seen Gaudì was something that is more than just architecture, it plays with your perception.

Gaudì is a Naturist architect. He incorporates the science behind nature to a geometrical realm. His designs are all based on nature’s ways of existence and metamorphosis for adaptation. Gaudì cleverly uses nature’s progression to create an architecture that will leave you breathless. His love for light, stained glass, and organic forms will make you feel relieved, and especially in the Sagrada Familia, understand the connection between nature and it’s maker.

Barcelona is a MUST if you come to Italy. Make the best out of your trip and study abroad! Thanks to USF Study Abroad and #GlobalExplorersTravelAward for making all these experiences possible!

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