Arrival to Paris


I have had an amazing first week in Paris! One thing that I was glad I prepared for was all the walking; if you are traveling to Paris I have two words for you: COMFORTABLE SHOES! I have been trying my best to learn and implement the cultural norms such as staying to the right side of the escalator and not talking to loud (which you don’t ever realize how much of loud American you really are until you’re at a restaurant in France). The food here is delicious especially the pastries! However, I think that the food I miss the most from America is buffalo chicken salad, French food is definitely not spicy. This week we went to lots of art museums as well as Chartes the cathedral. It was absolutely beautiful and ancient, they were in the process of restoration so I was able to see the newly painted columns and walls which were highly decorative. I can’t wait to find out what next week holds!

Thanks for reading,


Cream puff in the park!

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