The City of White Nights

I never thought I could fall in love with any other city than my hometown, but after our visit to St. Petersburg I have to share my affection between little ole mulberry and the cultural centerpiece of a Russia-St. Petersburg. If the centuries old architecture and the extravagance of real royal palaces wasn’t enough to win me over the friendly people and white nights  sure did.

Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to visit the Hermitage Museum. Perhaps it was the influence of the grossly historically inaccurate children’s film, Anastasia, or maybe a love of art from an early age. Regardless of the influence, after years of researching the permanent exhibitions, Baroque architecture, and the lavish tastes of the Romanov family I was finally able to visit my number one destination in Russia. Inside the Hermitage there are hundreds of paintings, sculptures, and artifacts. So many that it would nearly six years if you spent one minute at each piece !

The art wasn’t confined to the walls of museums . In fact, half of the beauty comes from the architecture and greenery. Without a doubt, some of the most exquisite gardens are housed at the Summer Palace known as петергоф. An apple orchard, numerous fountains, boundless gardens, and hidden corridors петергоф is the undeniably the epitome of St. Petersburg –and essentially Russian culture. But be mindful I have only been here for four weeks and visited three cities.

St. Petersburg’s art, food, and people provided a more than memorable cultural experience. With our return to Moscow, I plan on enjoying many more cultural experiences–especially with only a few days left to spare in Russia!

До свидания!



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