Before we get started, a brief introduction!


My name is Valeria Vallejo. I am a sophomore majoring in Cell and Molecular Biology and will be attending this year’s Summer B session for the USF Science in Florence program. I am a recipient of the Genshaft/Greenbaum Passport Scholarship Endowed Fund.

A little about myself:

I was born in Ecuador and lived in Quito until I was 14 years old. From there, my family and I moved to the U.S for better career opportunities for me and my sister. Ever since arriving here and being exposed to all the possibilities and opportunities, it has been my goal to pursue a career in medicine/health. Aside from that, I have always loved being involved with music and art throughout my life. I have always enjoyed singing, playing the classical guitar, performing, etc. Currently, I founded an A Cappella group at the University of South Florida last year, in which the main focus is community service and education.

Since I have always had an interest in science, as well as in art, culture, and music, being able to be a part of this year’s USF Science in Florence and Physician Observation program has been an opportunity of a lifetime for me. Although I can go on and on about all the reasons why I am so excited, I can definitely say that I love the fact that not only do I get to continue my university studies, but I also have the chance to experience a foreign medical setting while also embedding myself in a new culture and way of life for 6 weeks.

Through this opportunity, I hope to continue growing as a person and as a future professional. I hope to build experience and expand my web of knowledge to become the most competent candidate I can be to be able to one be a part of the Health and Scientific community.  As well as making new, unforgettable connections with peers and professors that will inspire me to keep moving forward in this journey to success.

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