Bulls are Big News

The city of Qingdao is not small. Qingdao is a large, metropolitan coastal city and home to over 9 million people at last count. Big cities all over the world have big news to cover. To have your story told is a big deal. Today, the USF study abroad Bulls were featured in the Qingdao newspaper. The paper reported on our experiences with our host families and the value of cultural exchange. If you zoom in close to the newspaper article, you can see how the reporter focused on typical Chinese daily life. In each picture, you see family members sharing typical Chinese life with us. In the lower right hand corner there is a picture of me and my Chinese grandmother making zonza. Zonza is a sticky rice dumpling and difficult (at least for me) to make. How wonderful to realize other countries see the value in cultural exchange programs and study abroad. We are all so excited to be here in China and honored the people of Qingdao feel the same way. We truly feel welcomed here.

Skyline of Qingdao
Qingdao News

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