Time to head home… ¡Vale! (Okay)

I have enjoyed every minute of my time in Spain both in Barcelona and Alicante. I was able to learn to view the major hospital of Alicante and learn about the role of a social worker in their hospital. I was amazed to find out out that there was only one social worker in the hospital and she had a caseload of 30 patients. That is a huge load for just one person, but social workers and other mental health professionals carry the same heavy load which can make for a stressful work environment. During some down time after visiting another agency and attending a class discussion I was able to climb to the top of Santa Barbara Castle with some of my classmates. It was truly a great bonding experience to share with my peers once we reached the top of the castle.

Also, I was able to learn about how a drug rehab facility in Alicante is ran and continued to see the reoccurring holistic perspective many agencies in Spain have implemented in their programs. It was interesting to see how much time the program put into each client in order to increase their success rate. I had thoroughly enjoyed my time in Alicante and it was nice to wrap up our time in Spain by returning to Barcelona to view some last major landmarks, such as the Sagrida de Familia.

Making my way up the Castle of Santa Barbara
Sagrida de Familia
Enjoying my last day in Barcelona


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