The Competition is Great

The ability to go to college in China is competitive and a “gift”. Education is considered a privilege and this is emphasized to children from day one. Children are taught, only with hard work, dedication and respect will they ever succeed in their education. I was given the opportunity to attend middle school classes with my Chinese sister before my own classes started. Wow ! Class etiquette is very different here in China. Teachers are honored and given tremendous respect. You stand before class starts to honor your professor before lectures. Students are not “coddled” in the Chinese education system. Teachers don’t “adjust” their teaching approaches for “different types of learners”. You just figure it out or you’re done. Period end of paragraph. Just imagine how students in the United States would react to such an approach to teaching. Every student is given the same material to master. What makes you different is not what you master in class, but what you accomplish outside the classroom. Students need to exceed the standards not just meet the standards. This is one reason why my host family wanted to host an American student. I learned so much about China through them, but it was also an opportunity for my 12 year old sister to practice English. Hopefully, to give her an advantage in the competitive educational arena. In America, we are given so many opportunities for scholarships based on academics, needs or differences. There are no scholarships in China. Your education is based solely on your academics. The next time you want to go to a party instead of study for that exam, think about that! Education is considered a precious gift in other parts of the world. Don’t take it for granted.

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