One week until the TIME OF MY LIFE!

Hallo! or Hello! Welcome to the first post on my Going Places blog! My name is Jennifer Tayagui an upcoming Junior at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg campus. I am currently studying global marketing and aspire to travel the world doing what I love. My program, Doing Business in Europe, starts in one week on June 14th!! This trip is very short being only 2 weeks but goes to four different cities, Munich, Stuttgart, Amsterdam, and London. I don’t think i could go on this trip without the help of being a recipient of the Genshaft/Greenbaum Passport Scholarship Endowed Fund.

As stated before I am an undergrad at USFSP with hopes to travel the world! So far i’ve don my fair share of traveling around the US, I used to play soccer competitively and have traveled to North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Nevada. Outside of soccer i have traveled to Virginia, New York, Chicago, St. Croix, Boston, Bahamas, Mexico, Bolivia, and after my study abroad trip I will be visiting Ireland and Costa Rica! I honestly can’t get enough travel in me and although I frustrate my parents with all my international plans of travel they always support me and my ambition to see the world. My eyes have seen so many beautiful sceneries and my heart becomes more full the more places I go! Below I have posted a picture of the amazing view in St. Croix!

I am most excited about this trip specifically because well I have been to Central America and South America but never to Europe. I have background being Spanish therefore the places I have visited were pretty easy to hang with the locals because I spoke their Spanish language, but traveling to Europe will just be a whole new experience because I know little to none of their dialect! But during my time in Europe I plan to pick up on some new foreign words, make new friends, and just immerse myself in the business culture and native culture, not to mention eat all the delicious food because I am such a foodie and consume all the coffee available! Its all in the fun of it all, traveling to four different cities in the span of two weeks will be an adventure of its own that I am beyond excited to share with all of you!

Getting out of my comfort zone for St.Croix views

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