Roaming in Russia

Здравствуйте друзья!

Over the last week (okay over the entirety of this trip) I have traveled to places most people dream of but very few go. Specifically, this week we have visited Suzdal and Vladimir. These cities show a new facet of Russian culture.


During the Medieval Ages both Suzdal and Vladimir served as the capital for Russia. Suzdal and Vladimir’s history begins as early as the 10th century-if not earlier. With over a thousand years of history these cities have accumulated a rich culture full of ornately decorated churches, sacred monasteries , and lively folk dances.


Before our visit to Suzdal and Vladimir, I hadn’t experienced the “WHOAH! I’m in Russia feeling”. After walking through The Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin and dancing with an all girls Russian folk music group, I finally feel like I am in Russia!

In the next few days we will be exposed to yet another facet of Russia-St.Petersburg! Stay tuned !



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