The Whole Picture

We have made it to our second leg of the study abroad. Alicante is a much different setting compared to Barcelona, but it is quite beautiful in its own way. Today I had the chance to view the bull fighting arena in Alicante and understand the concept of bull fighting as entertainment within the Spanish culture.

Also, we were able to visit a senior citizen center, Centro Especializado de Atencion a los Mayores (CEAM). The head director of the center Mary, a social worker, helped explain to the group how the center is ran to prevent the regression of health among the elderly. Mary explained that she liked to help the elderly from a holistic approach which encompasses looking at the bigger scheme of things in order to better help the individual. They had many activities for the senior citizens to participate in which could help extend their overall health. Today’s events helped exemplify the safety net that exist for all people of Spain and how they help one another throughout their community.

A poster hanging from inside the bull fighting arena of Alicante
The senior citizen center we visited

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