My name is Gabriela Mena, I am a rising senior in the graphic design program at USFSP! This summer I will be participating in the USF in Paris Art History Program with Professor Fraser. I received the Mark and Kay Orr International Affairs Study Abroad Scholarship, and I was absolutely thrilled when I was notified because this is my first ever scholarship! I am minoring in art history, so I am very excited to learn everything I can about the French masterpieces that my group will be dissecting throughout our trip. At the end of our time in Paris we will be taking a week long excursion to Venice to see EVEN MORE ART!!!! I am very passionate about art; I live and breathe it, so this study abroad program was basically built for me and my college career. I did not expect to study abroad during my college experience so this was an extremely pleasant surprise. I am a little nervous, however, because I am more of a Spanish speaker than a French speaker, but I am trying my best with Youtube tutorials and language learning apps like Duolingo. Below I will attach a link to one of my favorite Youtube French tutorials. Happy travels!

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