History All Around

Entering a new country opened my eyes to a whole new world. Along with a new area from an international social work perspective it is important to look at the culture and history of a particular area. In Spain there is a major influence of the Catholic religion and Gothic architecture from years ago that still stand that help make up the beautiful country that stands here today.

Today we as a group were able to view Santa Maria del Mar, a cathedral in Barcelona that embodied history and culture all in one structure. The 14th century Catalan Gothic architecture of the Santa Maria, also had historical roots of how much Catholicism has influenced the people of Spain. In the past people belonging to the catholic belief believed the closer you were buried to the church the closer you would be to entering heaven once Christ had risen. In Santa Maria del Mar there are still graves that lay beneath the church as you tour inside the church. From the events today I feel that we were able to see the importance of the social development perspective as part of the international social work practice model.


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