How a tech head packs for London, UK!

T minus a month and I will be off to London and Exeter, UK, for a whirlwind USF study abroad experience. As a confessed tech head and fool for all things digital & creative, I have been engrossed in the tech side of traveling abroad, and I have my final digital device list ready to roll and share!

Before I get into my gear list, here is a bit about me: My name is Gretchen Stewart. I am a first year doctoral student in the College of Education, program of Special Education. I am a super grateful recipient of the Genshaft/Greenbaum Passport Scholarship, and I would not be blogging to you now without it! I’m headed to the UK to spend time experiencing how special education services can be imagined in ways different from how they exist in the US. Guess what, in the UK, they don’t label kids, how about that?

This trip carries much meaning and importance to my family and I. As a mom with 2 kiddos who learn differently than expected, I’m on a worldwide search for how we can transform the lives of children and families living with Autism. I will be visiting schools, sharing ideas, learning with educators far across the waters, and meeting parents and children. I know what I hope to see and learn, and I’m excited about all the things that will happen that unplanned…..lifetime memories are about to served up, and I am not planning on missing a moment.

So, onto the stuff I will bring along to capture this experience:

  • Go Pro Hero 5 black w/international charger, power pack, micro SD cards, mounts & gorilla tripod
  • Canon 6D w/24-105 lens, extra battery, monopod and SD cards
  • iPhone w/Travefy Itinerary App & WhatsApp
  • Macbook w/Lightroom and my cloud logins
  • semi hard case to keep it all safe, especially if there is a laptop ban flying home from the UK

The Hero 5 is awesome, it will let me capture up to 4K video, as well as be a compact tool for interviewing teachers in England. I plan to use video in my dissertation, so I am capturing all that I can. My GoPro battery pack and international charger combo lets me charge any 2 USB devices at once, and it will give me 6 hours of power when I am not near any outlets. For some complete foolishness and total cuteness, I present my son and I going car karaoke style with the Hero 5 that will document my study abroad trip:

My happy place is behind the camera, or behind a computer editing my behind the camera stuff. This will be my first international trip since becoming a kind of serious amateur photographer, and I am over the top excited. I plan to do some light painting, using London as a backdrop. I want to remember this experience forever, and share the it with my family, whom without I would never be here. My sons think in pictures, and I cannot wait to upload vibrant pictures and video for them each day, as a way to for them to be with me, seeing what I am seeing, and hopefully getting a feel for the UK.

Light painting in London • Click HERE for photo credit

I close by saying that I already owned most of the tech equipment I am taking, so if you are planning a trip on a budget, don’t go out and buy all this stuff, you don’t need it to capture your experience. Start small, with the video camera on your phone and a cloud account to upload it to so you don’t run out of space just on your plane rider over, an international charger, and a few handy apps. Stay tuned for some amazing shots and clips from the UK coming in late June! Go Bulls!


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