Before I depart to Spain… let me introduce myself

Hello everyone! My name is Candis-Monique Hardin. I am a graduate student in the Masters of Social Work Program at USF and have just finished my first year in the program. When the opportunity to study abroad presented itself, I decided to take advantage of the study abroad program in lieu of traditional summer classes. I will be participating in the Socio-cultural Context of People’s Health in Spain and will have the opportunity to learn about the Socio-cultural context of people’s health in Barcelona (second largest city in Spain) and Alicante (semi-urban) area. With the financial assistance of my family, the USF Federal Credit Union Passport Scholarship Endowed Fund Study Abroad Scholarship, and CBCS Study Abroad Scholarship has helped to make this study abroad possible for me. I am looking forward to being emerged into the culture of Spain and seeing the world through this new lens.


6 thoughts on “Before I depart to Spain… let me introduce myself

  1. Candis,

    Enjoy and learn as much as you can in Spain! We’re so proud of you reaching out, exploring, and grabbing the reins!! Love You & Be Safe!!!:0)


  2. Have a great time Candis-Monique! I want to see pics and read about the amazing culture you are about to experience!


  3. Congratulations! Enjoy your experience, it is beautiful there! Don’t come back married to a Spaniard 🙂


  4. Candis,
    Congratulations on this great and blessed opportunity! May this be a rewarding, educational and great experience for you to make the world your classroom. May you continue to walk in God’s favor and receive everything that He has for you. Be Blessed and Be Safe!


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