Goodbye London, Hello World

Our twenties are the most defining years of our lives. We are no longer enshrouded under the refuge of an adult. We are the adult. Sacrifices and decisions are made during this paramount decade of our lives. Our education, careers, religion, values, and even our friendships are all on the line. We begin to see the world embroidered with all its beauty along with all its pain. This decade is the culmination of who we have become and who we want to be for the rest of our lives. Our lives are now a tapestry of experiences that will display who we are. This is the beginning of my story.

I’ve had a rather “unconventional” study abroad experience. Four days a week I was an intern. Two days a week I was a student. Seven days a week I was a twenty-year-old with no idea where his life would be when he turns thirty in 2026. Life has a meticulous way of making this as discouraging as possible. This semester, I was fortunate enough to intern at a company who helped make my career path that much clearer. I was placed in a financial accounting role which I loved every second of. I was working with millions worth of dollars, pounds, euros, and several other currencies on a daily basis. To some, that may seems like the most mundane career choice of all, but I love it! Financial independence is how I’ve managed to live in one of the world’s most expensive cities for the past four months and this internship taught me a plethora of new ways to be financially independent at my age. The friendships I have solidified here in London are some that I will cherish for the rest of my life. The people I have had the privilege of meeting have shared their lives with me and I have been able to do the same in return. The past 16 weeks have allowed us to create a bond that will last a lifetime and the experiences we have shared are ones that only we will be able to look back on and appreciate when we are older.

The 1st of May marks my last official day living in the United Kingdom. I would not change anything that has happened this semester because I am becoming the best version of myself that I could’ve ever envisioned. I’ve learned that travel is the most important thing you can do while we’re young. I’ve learned that I am a lot smarter than I give myself credit for. I’ve learned how to speak my mind when I need to. I’ve learned that I am not built for cold climates. I’ve learned what I want and what I don’t want in my life. I’ve learned that I am not afraid to take risks. I’ve learned that failure can be better than success. I’ve learned that it is okay to not have all the answers when you are twenty.

This summer, I will be traveling to the following countries:

Czech Republic

I am beyond grateful for the experiences I have had this year. 2016 was undoubtedly the most difficult year of my life and I am thankful that 2017 was a year of new beginnings. As I complete this chapter of my life in England, I am hopeful for all that is to come this summer. Thank you for those who have supported me in any way.

Don’t squander the best decade of your life. Our twenties are meant for this!

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