Negotiation between people can be a difficult thing. After working with Nadine Beaulieu through a 3-day choreographic workshop in a 13th-century building in Rouen, I found myself coming out of the workshop frustrated and agitated with my peers. One of the main focuses of this workshop was working with the idea of negotiation with other people which allowed me to found out more about myself then I thought. Throughout my personal process, I found myself having a more difficult time with my own individuality and power amongst a group and discovered how much the lack of power frustrated me.

Connecting this idea back to everyday life, I learned different methods I need to do for my own self in order to work with a group rather than trying to lead one. Learning this about myself I think will not only help me throughout life and communication with others but also throughout my career. As much as I didn’t enjoy the tension I personally created through this workshop, I really appreciate where it took me in my own realizations. I can now change this quality of mine and learn to work more with my peers rather than against them, and to me, this is a very important quality to have in the dance world.

One of the exercises we used throughout this workshop is the idea of survival and awareness with the idea that a chair is a safe place. Here is an improvisation video with two of my peers using the ideas of this exercise.


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