Primavera – Springtime in Florence

It is officially spring here in Florence- the winter chill has finally dissipated and now everything is alive and in bloom. It is overwhelmingly beautiful! Overhanging the balconies are these gorgeous arched trees with vivid purple flowers that cascade down and provide shade from the afternoon sun, it’s hard not to just sit there all day trying to take it all in. It’s really no wonder Florence is renowned as a center of inspiration, creativity, and art- given the indescribable beauty that awaits you around every corner. And these past few weeks the weather has been so welcoming- with the Tuscan sun shining down filling the winding streets and lush green spaces with its warmth- it is near impossible to stay indoors. I’m going to share with you some of the most amazing spaces I’ve found while exploring Florence, enjoying the glorious weather, and trying my best to escape the crowds of tourists now making their way into the city-center. Each of these places has allowed me to see Florence in an entirely new and wonderful way…

Here is the view from San Miniato al Monte- where there is a beautiful church up on the hill located behind Piazzale Michelangelo (which is another amazing view overlooking Florence!). I highly recommend checking these places out at sunset when you can really take in the changing colors of the sun setting over Florence.

This was taken from walking around the forested area behind the church San Miniato al Monte, overlooking some of the amazing scenery and gorgeous hills that surround Florence. There are tons of trees and fresh air up here and it is relatively empty most of the time, so take a picnic up with you and enjoy the quiet away from the crowded city-center.

This seriously is one of the most amazing views of Florence that exists in my opinion. This was taken from the look-off in Fiesole, which is such an amazing place to visit – Ill be writing all about it in a future post soon so stay tuned!

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of the gorgeous nature that exists around Florence. It’s definitely the experience of a lifetime to call this place home and be able to enjoy these wonderful spaces. I hope to continue to explore the city and find even more amazing places to share with you over my last few weeks here in Florence. Ciao!


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