How Eiffel in love with Paris

We traveled by train for 2.5hrs and arrived in Paris on Friday, at approximately 5pm (Paris time — they are an hour ahead of London. I know. Just bear with me.) I was beyond thrilled to finally be in this city. I had my GoPro charged, valuables were tucked away and in formation, and my Google translator app had French downloaded with an offline version. I was ready to see what this city was really all about! As soon as we all got off the train, I lost everyone. Everyone. Hundreds of people started swarming the station. I looked in each direction and no one familiar was in sight. GREAT START, PETER! “Don’t panic, don’t panic, don’t panic.” I have a rather convincing poker face when I’m in panic mode. I started walking around the train station, not understanding what any sign was saying other than “Sortie,” but that didn’t help because I still could NOT. find. my. group. After several minutes of panicking, I noticed two students from my program. I met them and they told me they had lost the group too. We then decided to leave the station and attempt to get to the hotel ourselves which we found fairly quickly.

Later in the evening, we went on a boat tour which is where that first photo was taken. Several friends and I decided we needed to see the Eiffel Tower sparkle at the top of the hour. We made the trip and boy oh boy was it beautiful. I may have shed a tear or twelve. I was standing in front of something I’d only seen in books and movies. Unreal. On Saturday we went on a sightseeing tour and later went to The Louvre. It was so beautiful to see everything in that museum. I had to fight through several legions of tourists in order to get this picture of me standing in front of The Mona Lisa. Absolutely worth it!

That Saturday afternoon, my friend and I went to eat at a local restaurant. Whenever I travel, I always promise myself that I will try the local cuisines — I had French Onion Soup (LOL). The rest of the afternoon was enjoyable and we later went to Ladurée. When in Paris… one must have at least 6 macaroons. That’s just the law of the land. So of course I ate all 6 in nearly one bite; my best friend Jake did too! Paris was as magical as I’d always imagined and I am grateful to have experienced it in person as everyone should (:

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