Barcelona Barcelona Barcelona

I planned this trip in less than an hour the Monday night before my Wednesday morning flight. I had perused my list of cities to visit around the world and Barcelona was my #1 choice for my week-long adventure. I booked my plane ticket as well as my hostel in a matter of minutes. I’d never stayed in a hostel before, but I ended up choosing one of the greatest hostels in Barcelona and don’t plan on staying in any other ones when I revisit this incredible city. Pars Tailor’s Hostel made my entire experience. I made some lifelong friends from Australia, New Zealand, England, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, and even the US. When I arrived, I was immediately welcomed and invited to go and watch the sunset at Bunquers del Carmel which was breathtaking. Later that evening, we all went out to experience firsthand the nightlife in Barcelona. You’d think that on a Wednesday night most people would be asleep by 11 p.m. at the latest getting ready for work the following day. I quickly realized I was no longer in London where most of the nightlife ends by sunset. People in Barcelona were just then waking up to start their night. Every single night spent in Barcelona was filled with its own memories.


We visited Las Ramblas and went through La BoqueriaRambla del Mar, and The Gothic Quarter. At Pars Hostel, we had family dinners. I fell in love with the hostel culture. How crazy is it to wake up one morning, see a stranger’s face, and instantaneously create a new connection with another part of the world. Dinners were no different. You were guaranteed to meet someone new every single day. We would make sangria, laugh, tell stories, and enjoy one another’s company for the short time we would be together. On Friday, however, we decided to switch things up and eat at a popular nearby restaurant called Taperia Ordesa. I had my first plate of Paella here. This restaurant now holds such a special place in my heart. In fact, we went there THREE of the five nights I was in Barcelona. Who knew it would take 20 years and a trip to Spain for my taste buds to finally be awakened. Saturday afternoon was spent at the Picasso Museum. I’m not much of an art aficionado, but this man’s ability to create what I saw in that museum with his hands left me in sheer awe and admiration.


Sunday was my last full day in Barcelona. I knew I had one more place to cross off my bucket list before I departed my newfound, permanent holiday location. We headed to Sagrada Familia, a Roman Catholic church designed by the revered architect, Antoni Gaudí. I plan to revisit Barcelona countless times within the next decade and fingers-crossed this extraordinary 160 year old project will be completed by the time I turn 30. I made the mistake of bringing my heart along with me on this trip because I created connections with some of the greatest people I’ve ever met and had to say goodbye. I’d always heard of how enriching solo travel was and I’m glad I took the leap to experience it for myself. I cannot wait to reconnect with these new friends and this beloved city that forever holds such a significant part in the heart that fell for it. I’ll see you soon, Barca.

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