Food Throughout Europe

I have been fortunate enough to visit various countries in Europe, and I love tasting new foods in different places! Here are my favorite foods from some of the places I’ve visited.

Amsterdam, Netherlands. Kroketten began as a way to use up leftovers, and now the company Van Dobben in Amsterdam is famous for this fried deliciousness. Kroketten is a mixture of meat and a thick, creamy gravy which is then rolled, breaded, and deep-fried. Mustard is the usual dipping sauce for this cuisine. I had the pleasure of trying this Dutch meal at De Pannekoekerkelder.


Berlin, Germany. Currywurst is a German dish consisting of steamed, then fried pork sausage seasoned with curry ketchup. I almost went my entire weekend in Berlin without tasting one of these! Luckily, I made it to the airport with time to spare, so I was able to enjoy my first (and hopefully not last) currywurst at a restaurant in Berlin Schönefeld Airport. 


Lisbon, Portugal. This is not a traditional Portuguese cuisine, however, it is my first suggestion for a great breakfast in Lisbon. Not pictured is the first course to this breakfast which consists of a croissant, bread and jam, orange juice, and your choice of coffee or tea. The second course, as pictured, consists of eggs of your choice, bacon, ham, pancake, salad, chorizo, cheese, fresh fruit, and a yogurt-granola parfait. Not only was this meal a delicious variety of foods, but the price was unbeatable–12 euros! If you ever find yourself in Lisbon, head to Josephine Bistro and Bar for a breakfast that will leave you very satisfied. 


Geneva, Switzerland. Chocolate in Switzerland is a must! I found myself leaving Geneva with a variety of delicious souvenirs. I highly suggest trying all different flavors of swiss chocolate: caramel, milk, truffle, dark, brownie, and so many more. Treat yourself!


Paris, France. Since I am living in Paris, narrowing down my ultimate favorite food was a bit of a challenge. It’s only fitting that I share the one thing that I eat at least once every single week: crepes. I discovered crepes after a month of living in France, and it has been the one food that I can eat at any time of day, seriously. I’ve gotten crepes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a 3am snack. In Paris, there are crepe stands on nearly every block, and you can always find one that’s open. The best thing about crepes is that there is such a wide variety of fillings you can put in it. If you’re feeling a savory crepe, chicken, eggs, cheese, and veggies are only a few of the many options available. For sweet, dessert crepes, nutella is the number one filling, but there is also sugar, fruit, and cookies. Unlimited pairing options make for a different crepe each time! 


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