We Are All Weirdos!

Bonjour Friends! So this past week I was given the opportunity to explore another beautiful city through my studies in the USF Dance in Paris Program. Wow, this program is incredible. I’ve gotten to work with so many incredible artists in my field and have done nothing but experience so many weird things, it’s awesome.


Speaking of weird things, aren’t we all weirdoes? I want to say yes, maybe not all of us have the courage to admit it but we are all in fact weirdoes! Maurice Causey has been the first human being to say this to me and make me realize how true this statement really is. Through my weekend in Amsterdam, this idea has definitely been proven to me. I have been given the opportunity to be who I am with a bunch of other weirdoes all in one room, and let me tell you, it was one of the best experiences of my life.


Working with Maurice, a huge artist in the dance world, did nothing but comfort and encourage me to have an experience I did not even realize I needed. Not only was I comforted through this entire process but all of the comments that continuously have been popping up in my head through my study abroad experience all came up. “Just go with the flow”, “fear is not real”, “we are all weirdoes”, I think it’s crazy when this happens. Not only are my comments confusing but someone else is totally thinking the same exact thing. That just proves how weird we all are and how we are all the same!



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