Learning for a Better World

Hi there!

My name is Ryan, I’m a fourth year Business and Biomedical Science major. To date, my most life changing experience was the unique and amazing 5 months I spent studying in Rennes, France. Everyday, I lived a smorgasbord of different languages and engaging with citizens from around the globe. Each one offered different ideas, different opinions, and different perspectives. Naturally being an American, our views were oceans away from the majority of the world. While traveling, I met people that often challenged and broadened my viewpoints. No viewpoint more frequently than politics.

The majority of my travels were during the U.S. primary elections. At the time, it felt rather unlikely for the status quo to change as it did last November. None the same, many Europeans were paying more attention than ever to the American election process. Which provided many discussions about what America means to them and how we are ultimately entangled with the lives of individuals far outside our borders

I think specifically of my friend Annericht. She was one of my closest friend while abroad and native to the Netherlands. I had no ideas how much she payed attention. We would often trade ideas about politics and travel. She was so curious and eager to learn about how we decide our leaders and what issues Americans care about. She knew that much of the world looked towards the U.S. for democracy and innovation. Our talk’s showed me that people around the world want to learn from each other. No matter where you are from or who you are you can teach towards and strive for a better world.

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