Purposeful Perceptions

Hello everyone!

My name is Deandra and I am currently a fourth year Biomedical Science major at the University of South Florida. This past summer, I had the distinct pleasure of studying abroad in Peru. I spent approximately 2 weeks in Peru and had the most wonderful experience there, learning about about Peruvian people and culture. From this trip, I was able to gain a deep understanding and appreciation for the manner in which the Peruvians I personally encountered treated the earth around them, as well as their culture.

While in Peru, I was a spectator. I stood on the outside at many times, looking in to uncover and understand the reasons why, and how Peruvians transformed themselves in this constantly evolving world of ours. Don’t get me wrong, I got down and dirty and did very much actively participate. However, I am still always a firm believer in the saying “Wisest is he that says the least”. I think it is crucial to sit back and watch what is occurring without always having to have something to input. As Americans, I feel as though we are at times stereotyped for being know-it-alls. With this trip, I must say that my fellow classmates and I delved into the culture and greatly respected it, though it may have been different from our own. One tasks of ours, including building a museum out of adobe bricks. Did we whine and complain and tell our hosts that we have a way of doing it that was faster, and more efficient? No! Or do we decide that adobe bricks were not a material suitable enough to build a museum out of ? No! We got down and dirty, and guess what? We actually enjoyed it!  In going abroad is abroad, one must strive to achieve fluidity. Rigidity can cause tension, and can create a lack of understanding between the host country and our country. Therefore, as guests, it is important to remember that, “While in Rome, do as the Romans do”.






Harvesting Potatoes

     Mixing Adobe by Foot

      Finished Product


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