Experiences Through a Weekend in Berlin

Hey guys! My name is Lital Gelman,  I am a dance major in my third year as an undergraduate student studying abroad throughout Europe. I am part of the USF Dance in Paris program that has now given me the opportunity to travel to Berlin and work with Heidi Weiss, a brilliant artists in the dance world.
I’ve got to say, I knew this program was going to be life changing but I can’t explain how unbelievably incredible it has really been! I’ve had the opportunity to be taken to yet another beautiful city to do what I love. Working with so many artists has really changed me as a person and most importantly as an aspiring artists myself.

Personally, I strongly believe you will only be able to truly grow as a individual through experiences and learning from those experiences. It’s crazy, when you finally put yourself out there and give yourself the chance to explore the endless possibilities there are for you, you start to realize how lucky you are to be alive!
Throughout my time in Berlin, I really took back with me the idea of endless possibilities and not being afraid to over exhaust an idea. As an aspiring choreographer, I have found myself always discovering new ways and new ideas to explore even further with throughout my work. It’s mind blowing to me to realize the endless possibilities there are when you are free to do what you want to fully express yourself.
Here is a short choreographic project I created during my time studying in Berlin. I hope you enjoy!

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