Living Through Sensations in Paris

Bonjour! My name is Lital Gelman and I am a dance majoring studying abroad through the USF Dance in Paris Program.

Although it is wonderful here in Paris, it hasn’t been the easiest month for me. Adjusting to my new temporary home and environment has been difficult to say the least. New home, new place, new people, new food, and new sensations. It’s all eye opening and can be uncomfortable at times, but at the same time, it’s all amazing! I know I’m just a little out of my comfort zone right now – and that is OK. Friends and family ask how I am doing every now and then, and what I can say is that it has been a roller coaster thus far, but I am only growing more and more each and every day because of it!

It is absolutely incredible to be able to not not only research my projects through a computer screen, but by physically standing in front of them and in front of history. It’s a whole new world when you are put into a completely unfamiliar environment, yet I feel myself getting stronger because of this. I feel like I am moving at 1000 miles an hour into my adulthood, and I know I would not be experiencing this if I were back home in the states. My true self is starting to come out and I am really excited to figure out who I am!

Here is a small clip of me improving through the Luxemboug Garden.


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