Back Home

So it’s official. I’m not in Japan anymore and it almost feels like it didn’t even happen. It feels like it was all a dream, and I would love to relive it! It was a bit of a shock coming back to the states especially since I had travel issues and people were not too polite or welcoming. Maybe it seemed that way because Japanese airlines were so much more courteous and friendly.

Its been a little bit of a hard transition. I’m mainly just dealing with missing everyone and still wanting to do so much more with my experience. The act of coming back home and getting use to everything was not the hard part. I was very happy to see friends and family. I do miss all my new friends and host family, but I know I’ll see them soon again in the future since I want to teach in Japan. I do need to practice Japanese more, I don’t want to lose it!

All in all, I  am so grateful for the amazing opportunity I had and all the many precious memories I made.

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