Merry Christmas! #100DaysinUK

Merry Christmas! Christmas in London is one of the biggest festivities I have ever experienced. It comes with the craze of the shopping sales and the delicious British goose cooked to perfection. For Christmas, my family and I attended Catholic mass on Christmas Eve. After, I finished wrapping my presents and placed them under the tree. After a few carols with my cousin, Amber, we were rushed to bed because our family was fed up with our singing. But I didn’t mind because I couldn’t wait for morning to come.

British Christmas is different from Christmas in the United States. If I was in the US, I would scurry down the stairs and tear open my gifts (yes, I am a child when it comes to Christmas) then dinner would be prepared and we may watch a few Christmas films if we are really in the Christmas spirit. In London, we cook first which I never minded. The food was interesting- goose, duck, Yorkshire puddings, roasted potatoes, vegetables, and more. No turkey- too dry, is what my cousins would say. No honey-roasted ham either- they complained about how fatty and sweet it is. Despite some key American dishes, the meal was delicious and well-prepared and I couldn’t be more grateful to experience my first Christmas abroad in the city that celebrates Christmas for three days straight. By this, I mean that they eat Christmas dinner on the 25th (Christmas Day), the 26th (Boxing Day), and also the 27th (Christmas Day observed).

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