That’s a Wrap! #100DaysinUK

This trip has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life. It has really shown how much I hav20161227_104346-1e grown and how independent  I can really be. I couldn’t be more grateful to USF President Judy Genshaft and her husband and USF as a whole for helping me fund this trip and also helping me prepare for my new life as an exchange student in Oxford. I also want to thank my family in London and my parents for supporting me these last 108 days and making this trip possible. Being able to travel to Switzerland🇨🇭, France🇫🇷, Spain🇪🇸, Italy🇮🇹, and many cities throughout the United Kingdom🇬🇧 was all but a dream to me 14 months ago when I started planning for #100DaysinUK. All of it still seems surreal to me even know as I make my way back to Tampa. Still, I wouldn’t trade a single moment- not my accommodation, my flatmates, and of course, not my family. For anyone thinking about doing study abroad or travel, in general, GO FOR IT. Yes, it’s expensive but the benefits outweigh the costs. TRUST ME. Plus there are many scholarships/grants and other ways to fund your trip available to anyone who desperately wants to study abroad. All you have to do is want it just as much as I wanted it when I started planning #100DaysinUK over a year ago. Travelling/Study Abroad helped me become more globally aware and more independent than I ever was before. I have not only learned about life in Europe but I LIVED it and have become a veteran European traveler. 2016 has been an educational, thrilling, stressful, year but it has to be hands down the best year of my entire life. See you soon, Florida🇺🇸. #itsawrap #day108 #100DaysinUK


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