Third Stop: Brighton #100DaysinUK

I just came back from my day trip to Brighton! The beach is absolutely beautiful. It is something I have never experienced before in terms of the atmosphere. Unlike Florida’s sandy beaches, UK beaches are littered with colorful rocks and pebbles. So if you plan on visiting Brighton beach (this comes highly recommended) trade in your flip-flops for a pair of Converse because these shores show no mercy to your feet!15380557_1266605490063660_3441895390989761329_n

After walking along the beach shores, we decided to have a little fun and play some arcade games and enjoy some crepes and churros at the Brighton Pier. It’s more of an arcade but I saw it as a casino for all the money I spent on the games. There are a few rides also (somewhat like Florida State Fair rides) too if you are into that. For lunch there’s is a nice fish and chip restaurant on the beach where my flatmates and I enjoyed some traditional English food.

Let’s discuss English weather. I decided to study abroad during the Fall of my Sophomore year. I knew that the weather wasn’t going to show any mercy to my Florida-raised skin but I took the chance and I have to say: the weather is not TOO BAD once you are used to it. Oxford is colder than London- it’s usually 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit in Oxford and 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit in London. I am here in the Fall so between September and January these are the usual temperatures. Florida doesn’t have many thick clothes 20161127_190401for the winter weather in the UK. I packed a lot of sweaters and coats but I found myself purchasing some clothes here in Oxford. Primark and H&M have a wide selection of coats, hats, sweaters (jumpers is what they call it here) gloves, etc for both men and women. Forever 21 is one of my favorite stores. They have jackets for £14-£25. There are a ton of options in Oxford when you want to stay warm for the winter so do not over-pack! I had to learn the hard way.


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