Keeping the STUDY in STUDY Abroad #100DaysinUK

Assignments are piling up and I am trying to keep track of them all. Before I came to the UK, I purchased a planner so that I can keep track of my assignment deadlines and seminars (tutorial sessions). I am doing really good when it comes to completing my assignments on time. I finish most of them 4-5 days in advance! Procrastination is a HUGE no-no here in the UK. Why? Because 99.9% of the workload here is essay-based. The United States usually relies on multiple-choice based assessments so you will find most students studying for exams and completing assignments the night before. It isn’t that simple here in Oxford. So if you plan on coming over from the US to study here in the UK don’t plan on procrastinating. The workload here is intense!

Furtherm ore, in a weeks time, I will be visiting Brighton with my flatmates! If you know the film Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging you’d now the importance of the Brighton Pier. I will tell you more about my trip as soon as I come back!

So moving on to some important things. A topic I would like to discuss is transportation. For students living on campus at Oxford Brookes University, transportation is free for travel on the U1 and U5 buses. These buses take you all over the city (the city center and the train station to name a few places) so don’t worry too much about transportation costs. If you would like to take a day or weekend trip to London, Oxford has buses (Oxford Tube and the London X90) that take you straight to London Victoria, Baker Street, and Marble Arch for only £10 period return (which means you can come back within 3 months time). There are also buses that take you straight to the airports (National Express is one I found to be very convenient) for as low as £20-£30 return tickets (fares depend on the airport and the time). There are discounts for Brookes students as well on “The Airline” bus for those traveling to Heathrow and Gatwick.

I hope you found this information helpful and I hope you all have a pleasant week!

June (left), Yan (right), and I
Oxford University Medical School #goals
Kierra and I

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